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William Rufus the Red Kite

Red kite in Aviary

William came into the hospital in April 2002 after being hit by a car.  

X-rays revealed that William had broken the tip of his wing, which would sadly not heal sufficiently for release. This meant that he would not be able to properly hunt in the wild and would perish.

William now lives in our large red kite aviaries in our Visitor Centre.  

Adopt (£2.50 monthly DD)

If you are looking to set up a direct debit for an adoption, please be aware that there will be no end date and you will automatically be sent a new adoption pack of your chosen species after 12 months. If you would prefer to take out a one-off 12 month adoption, please click the one-off £30 option below.

Adoption Pack

All of these animals are available for adoption for a 12-month period by making a £30.00 one-off payment. 

If you would prefer to adopt our animals on an on-going basis you can do so through our Direct Debit facility. As part of this programme you will receive a brand new adoption pack of your chosen species, every 12 months. 

In your adoption pack you will receive:

Mounted colour photo of your animal
Certificate of adoption
History of one of our patients of the chosen species
Fact sheet of chosen species
Fridge magnet
The Chronicle (History of Tiggywinkles)
One free entry to the Visitor Centre

Thank you so much for your support!

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